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Names in the group Topic of group website
Jasmine Noble, Brooke Brown, Lindsay Siebenaler, Devon Stubbs, Nyawo Kandeh Bilingual programs in public and private schools in the vicinity of West Chester.

Lauren Hoffman, Grace DiDomenico, Alexis Farrelly, Roman Sarangoulis, Danny Sengphilom, Chelsey Cofone

Contexts of Spanish-Language use in Philadelphia
Mike Diaz, Heather Whelan, Corey Prince, Tori Queen & Nilam Vahora The use of Spanish in political campaigns in the United States /Pennsylvania
Robyn Swiatkowski, Erica Reeves, Tiara Fuller, Mike Johnson, Alayah Tillman Recent English-Only legislation in the United States and its consequences on Spanish speakers.
Malika Rathbun,Lakeisha Bost Pending

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